Join Hands with Standing With Hope

Restoring Mobility and Hope

Changing Lives One Prosthetic Limb at a Time

Standing With Hope is the parent organization of Hope for the Caregiver and the mission is “...For the wounded and those who care for them.” 

Following the loss of both legs, Gracie Rosenberger purposed to help her fellow amputees, and since 2005 she’s done just that through Standing With Hope.

In addition to teams of trainers and other volunteers, Standing With Hope has helped prosthetic technicians in Ghana, West Africa build quality prosthetic limbs for their own people. Patients from all over Ghana, as well as other countries such as Nigeria and Togo have come to the clinic where Standing With Hope works to receive treatment and prosthetic care. In addition, Standing With Hope has provided limbs for patients in Kenya and Cameroon.

Standing With Hope also recycles components from used prostheses donated from individuals and families in the US. In a unique partnership with Core Civic inmates at a Core Civic facility help disassemble used prosthetic limbs donated to Standing With Hope. The feet, knees, pylons, prosthetic socks, clamps, adapters, and other items can be reused in Standing With Hope’s work in West Africa. With materials purchased by Standing With Hope, a custom-built new socket is fabricated for the patient, and recycled components are used to make quality limbs.

Discover more about Standing With Hope and their incredible work by visiting their website.